Hear and Help

Jesus stopped and ordered the
man to be brought to him.
      —Luke 18:40

“Jesus,” shouted a blind beggar, “have mercy on me!”

Jesus heard, stopped, and helped.

By any human measurement, he had more pressing problems on his mind. He was on his way to Jerusalem for the last time, where he would be insulted, tried, flogged, and killed. But when he heard a down-and-outer’s plea, he stopped. And helped.

Someone may cross your path today that needs your ear, your concern, your help. It may be someone who is feeling the stab of the psalmist’s sorrow: “no one is concerned for me … no one cares” (Ps. 142:4). Prove them wrong; show them someone cares.

A year from now you won’t remember the demands that clutter your calendar today. But someone will remember that you heard. And stopped. And helped.

Our job is not to see through each other
but to see each other through.

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