A Better World

You also are among those who are
called to belong to Jesus Christ.
            —Romans 1:6

Think the world is in worse shape now than it has ever been? It isn’t.

In Old Testament days parents murdered their own children, sacrificing them by fire to their gods. Fathers cold-heartedly decided to keep or discard their new-born babies. Those that were rejected either died or were sold into slavery or prostitution.

The world into which Jesus came was polluted by slavery, mistreatment of children, contempt of women, class antagonism, immorality, and deceit. He inaugurated a higher standard.

The world you live in is still tainted by corruption—but you, and thousands like you, reject it and live above it because of Jesus. Be grateful that you live after he came, instead of before he came.

All is not well, but it is
better than it was.

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