His Promise of Peace

My peace I give you … Do not let your
hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.
                       —John 14:27

The peace Jesus gives is not exemption from life’s storms, but serenity when navigating those storms—an inner peace that nothing the world throws at you can take from you.

When the winds of tragedy blow, the sleet of disappointment stings, the waves of grief surge, and everything seems to be spinning apart, it isn’t. He is in control: “Even the winds and the waves obey him” (Matt. 8:27).

Into the dark nights of life—when you are pummeled by fear, anxiety, discouragement, remorse, or alienation—he comes and parts the clouds, letting in the light with the calming promise, “My peace I give you.”

Peace is a state of mind, not a state of affairs.

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