Planting and Watering

I planted the seed, Apollos watered it,
but God made it grow.
 —1 Corinthians 3:6

Machines moved through the field, harvesting a bumper crop.

Admiring the immaculately manicured acreage, the crop insurer said to the farmer, “God sure built a beautiful farm here, didn’t he?”

“You should have seen it when God had it by himself!” retorted the farmer.

Over-the-top arrogance? Maybe.

Still, it accurately expresses the God-designed plan of cooperation between divinity and humanity.

God created every growing thing in the world, but in the garden where he first displayed them he also placed humans to tend them. And has done so ever since.

The same is true with soul harvest. Only God can make the spirit grow, but he uses humans to plant and water the crop.

God puts life in the seed,
but counts on us to put the seed in the soil.

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