Don’t Tell a Soul

I will call attention to what he is doing,
gossiping maliciously about us.
           —3 John 1:10

Diotrephes was a dictatorial church leader who insisted on being top dog.

The Apostle John exposes three of his sins: he refused hospitality to missionaries; he drove those who opposed him out of the church; he was a malicious gossiper.

Gossip is a fire that quickly burns out of control.

“This is confidential. Don’t tell a soul,” she whispers.

She won’t—except her closest friends; and that only after they promise they won’t tell a soul.

They won’t—except their closest friends.

And there you go. Soon those who have heard outnumber those who haven’t.

Once said the damage is done. What is said can’t be unsaid.

You can’t unring a bell.

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