What Shall I Do, Lord?

What shall I do, Lord?
           —Acts 22:10

God ordered Saul to destroy Amalek—every last person, every last head of livestock. After trouncing them he pranced back home—with Amalek’s King Agag and Amalek’s choicest livestock in tow.

Confronted by Samuel, Saul whimpered that he spared the spoils because his people demanded it. His appetite for human approval made him an easy mark for polls and politics.

A thousand years later another Saul—Saul of Tarsus—was brought to his knees by a flash of light and the voice of Jesus. But this Saul turned to the Lord, not to the people: “What shall I do, Lord?” He never groveled at the altars of polls and politics. “I am not trying to please people,” he said. “I want to please God” (Gal. 1:10 CEV).

When you come to that fork in the road where a crucial choice must be made no question is better than this: “What shall I do, Lord?”

Obey God, not to be loved,
but because you are loved.

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