The Book of Life

Rejoice that your names
are written in heaven.
      —Luke 10:20

Someone at the Social Security Administration hit the wrong key and zapped Laura Brooks’ name, digitally killing her.

Laura is just one among thousands of still-breathing people in the Social Security graveyard. Some victims have spent as long as 18 years proving they are alive.

But having your name in the Social Security directory—or in any other earthly list—is insignificant compared to having it in The Book of Life.

You’re only going to hang around here 70 or 80 years, give or take. But if you are among “those whose names are written in the Lamb’s book of life” you’ll barely be out of the starting blocks when you’ve clicked off a million years.

There’s only one copy of that book, and it’s in a tamper-proof heavenly vault. You don’t need to worry about someone whacking the delete key and snuffing your name.

You’ve never had a thrill equal to the
thrill of hearing him call your name.

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