Give Up the Guilt

God … richly provides us with
everything for our enjoyment.
            —1 Timothy 6:17

There are soul-shivering seasons when cold winds blow. And there are heartwarming days when God paints your world with blue skies and sunshine.

He is with you when things are falling apart. And he is with you when things are falling into place.

Do you feel betrayed when things are going against you? Yet feel stabs of guilt when prosperity visits and things are going your way?

You’ve worked hard, provided for those you love, been a good steward and given generously. Feeling guilty about your prosperity? Unpack from that guilt trip …

If God gives us wealth and property and lets us enjoy them, we should be grateful and enjoy what we have worked for. It is a gift from God (Eccl. 5:19 GNT).

Enjoy the gifts.
Praise the Giver.

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