Today is Special … and so are You

I wake again, because
the Lord sustains me.
     —Psalm 3:5

What’s on your agenda today? Travel? Work? Meetings? Shopping? Cleaning?

Before you start scratching items off your To-Do list, resolve to include God in the doing of each of them.

God designed this day before days existed; planned it before you entered it; and made it with you in mind.

Today is unique; one of a kind. So are you. Today’s uniqueness and your uniqueness blend. It’s a winning combination.

You have important things to do; today hands you the time to do it. You’re not just passing time; you’re using time. The world will be better tomorrow because of what you do today.

Today is special. So are you. How fortunate that the two of you got together.

Today is a special gift from God;
gift-wrapped and left on your doorstep.

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