Finding Inner Peace

My peace I give you.
    —John 14:27

You will go to your grave with some problems unresolved: family fractures unhealed; words spoken in heat and haste uncorrected; broken friendships unappeased; dreams unrealized.

There are some things that can’t be fixed; some things you can’t undo. You can’t put a failed marriage back together. You can’t erase neglect and indifference to those who had a right to expect more of you. All that is history; it can’t be rewritten.

Now you have to go deep within yourself and find a place of peace: peace with God; peace with yourself. You won’t find that place by beating up on yourself over a past that is not in your control, but by focusing on a future that is.

Inner peace requires turning loose of self-condemnation
and taking hold of self-forgiveness.

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