The Best Years of Your Life

They will still bear fruit in old age.
—Psalm 92:14

Barring an early exit, you’re going to grow old. And what will make all the difference is the attitude you bring to it.

You may decide that life is over because the things that defined you are over—career, title, possessions.

If you come to the late years of life angry, in the dumps, and crabby, you will metamorphose into a grumpy old man or a grouchy old woman.

But if you see old age as a time when you grow in new ways—instead of a time when you stop growing—you will come to this chapter with zip in your step; enter this season in which everything you have learned and become can be put to use and enjoyed.

Wherever you are on the age-meter,
make “now” the best time of life.

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