Things Done and Things Left Undone

I will show you my faith by what I do.
                        —James 2:18

There is a lot of truth in the well-worn prayer: “We have done things which we ought not to have done and left undone things which we ought to have done.”

Who hasn’t felt the sting of regret over things done? Time wasted. Habits uncontrolled. Thoughts unchecked. Words recklessly spoken.

And who hasn’t felt the throb of guilt over things left undone? Prayers not prayed. Kindnesses not conferred. Resources not shared. Opportunities not seized.

Let us pray …

Father, Judge me not for the wrong that I have done, nor for the good that I have left undone—but for what you can yet make of me and do through me. Amen.

There is still time to write a happy ending.

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