You Have an Anchor

We have this hope as an
anchor … firm and secure.
      —Hebrews 6:19

There are times when all is well in your world. Health is shipshape. Job is secure. Family is happy.

But you live next door to a world where all is not well. An accident has turned the life of someone you know upside down. A child of someone you love is in trouble. A best friend is getting a divorce. One of the nicest people you know just lost her job.

In a still bigger world a war is going on. Abuse and human trafficking is rampant. Violence is turning peace-loving people into terrified refugees. Appalling poverty is leaving thousands homeless and hopeless.

And you live with the apprehension that there may come a time when all is not well with you and yours. No one gets through life without some dark days.

But you have a secure anchor: Jesus. You will ride out the storms and finally reach the shore where springtime is forever.

Sometimes hope is all you have; but when
that hope is Jesus you have all you need.

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