Eutychus … was sinking into a deep
sleep as Paul talked on and on.
                 —Acts 20:9

Critics in Corinth ridiculed Paul’s preaching: “you have never heard a worse preacher,” they squawked (2 Cor. 10:10 TLB).

Over in Troas, Eutychus said “Amen” by nodding off and tumbling out of a third-story window during Paul’s sermon.

Boredom causes you to miss some really good stuff. Odds are that when Jesus gave the Sermon on the Mount there were a few glassy-eyed folks in the crowd.

You can become bored with just about anything, no matter how priceless—can yawn your way through your marriage, your job, your life.

Giving in to boredom is to reject what life is offering; refusing to get excited about something special; turning a cold shoulder to the awesome God-given gift of life.

Don’t die before you live.

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