From His Place to Our Place … to His Place

I am going there to
prepare a place for you.
      —John 14:2

Jesus came down from his place to our place …

A place where there’s not enough food to go around—where starving children go to bed crying until they become too weak to cry.
A place where people do terrible things to each other.
A place where young mothers with their whole life ahead of them get cancer and don’t live to see their children graduate, get married, and give them grandbabies.
A place where every last one of us is living on death row.

He came to our place so he could take us to his place—a place where there’s more than enough food to go around; where people never do bad things to each other; where there is no such thing as cancer.

A place where there is no death.

The only relationship uninterrupted by
death is your relationship with Him.

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