He Comes Quietly

Then their eyes were opened
and they recognized him.
           —Luke 24:31

Jesus seldom comes with fanfare and fireworks. He usually comes quietly, unexpected.

Future apostles were slogging through their regular 9 to 5 when he tapped them on the shoulder with a quiet “Follow me.”

A lost and lonely Samaritan woman trudged to the well with her water jar on her shoulder; he offered her living water, a life she had long ago given up hope of having.

Even after the resurrection, when you expect trumpets and trombones, he came quietly.

Mary thought he was the graveyard gardener.

The Emmaus disciples didn’t recognize him when he joined them for a walk and a talk.

The disciples were hunkered down behind locked doors when he quietly appeared.

Don’t be surprised if you’re hardly thinking of him when he softly interrupts with the biggest spiritual breakthrough of your life.

He always comes where and when
the place and time are right.

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