Anyone who does not carry his cross
and follow me cannot be my disciple.
                       —Luke 14:27

You make some decisions that aren’t life-or-death important: where you eat, what you wear, where you live.

And some that are bottom-line crucial; decisions that determine direction and destination.

The decision you make about Jesus isn’t a flip-of-a-coin choice. It can’t be made by drawing a line down the middle of a page, jotting the pros on one side and the cons on the other.

It is not a looking-over-the shoulder decision, wondering if you should have weighed other options before committing.

It is a no-turning-back decision.

It’s Matthew, switching off his calculator, unplugging his computer, pushing back his chair and heading for the door without even cleaning out his desk and boxing up his belongings.

Indecision is a decision.

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