Nobodies or Somebodies?

It is he who made us, and we are his.
                     —Psalm 100:3

Jesus left his church in the hands of eleven men. Ornate cathedrals in Europe depict them in stained glass and sculpted marble as seraphic saints.

Truth be told they were men of moderate abilities. None were recognized religious leaders—not a rabbi or priest among them. All of them (except the now absent Judas Iscariot) were from Galilee. Galileans were considered low-class, uneducated nobodies.

The first 30 years of church history are chronicled in the book of Acts, sometimes called The Acts of the Apostles. Yet, eight of those apostles are never mentioned after Acts 1:13. We know very little about them, but that doesn’t brand them as unimportant.

You shouldn’t think more highly of yourself than you ought. Nor should you mark yourself off as a nobody.

You matter. You are special. You are needed.

You don’t have to be known well to serve well.

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