Finding Your Calling

Fan into flame the gift of God, which is in you.
                           —2 Timothy 1:6

Many voices jockey for your attention.

Some angle for self-gratification, saying that you have the right to spend your time in idleness or personal pleasure.

Others shriek that you must answer to their schedules and demands.

The work to which God calls you has paired elements: it is work that you most need to do; and work that the world most needs you to do.

If you enjoy your work, you’ve probably met the first requirement; if it’s taste-testing ice cream flavors you’ve likely missed the second one.

If your work is treating Ebola patients, you’ve probably met the second requirement; you may (or may not) have missed the first one.

When you find the place where your fulfillment and the world’s needs intersect, you’ve found God’s calling for your life.

The trick is to fine-tune your
hearing to the voice of God.

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