Good News! Great Joy!

I bring you good news of great joy.
                     —Luke 2:10

The birth of Jesus was announced to a gaggle of slack-jawed shepherds as “good news of great joy.” “A Savior has been born,” the angel declared. Good news! Great joy!

When Paul described the conversion of his Thessalonian brothers and sisters, he said, “you welcomed the message with joy.”

If our religion makes us testy and crabby we’ve missed the message.

It should make us upbeat, not gloomy.
Approachable, not aloof.
Kind, not cold.
Pleasant, not offensive.
Joyful, not grouchy.

When Jesus came into the world it was good news of great joy.

When he comes into your heart it is the same good news reiterated, and the same great joy reproduced.

No matter where life takes you,
pack your bag with good news and great joy.

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