Old Age

Even to your old age … I am
he who will sustain you.
        —Isaiah 46:4

Old age is sort of like living in an old house. The plumbing doesn’t work right; the windows are streaked and hard to see through; there may be a few bats in the attic; the exterior could use some putty and paint.

But despite stiff joints, fuzzy vision, and diminished hearing, lots of eighty-year-olds are still full of vinegar in spirit and attitude.

Being an old crock has its advantages. For one thing, you don’t have to prove yourself any more. While others jockey for position, you can relax, tell tall tales, exaggerate, add to, and make a good story of it.

And for those who have togetherness with the Father—well, you can’t exaggerate and you don’t need to make a good story of it, because it’s the biggest and best story there is.

Enjoy every day and every wrinkle.
God gave you the first; you earned the second.

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