Admirable or Obnoxious?

Conduct yourselves in a manner
worthy of the gospel of Christ.
       —Philippians 1:27

Admirable can morph into obnoxious in short order …

from self-disciplined to self-centered
from confident to cocky
from zealous to fanatical
from courageous to impetuous
from steadfast to stubborn
from conscientious to self-righteous
from faithful to factious
from resolute to divisive
from firm to antagonistic
from decisive to obstinate
from committed to haughty
from discerning to condescending
from humble to pretentious
from strong to arrogant
from allegiant to censorious
from ardent to cantankerous

Season desirable virtues with restraint; temper attractive traits with humility.

The biggest challenge of success is
to remain humble when it arrives.

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