Do What You Can Where You Are

You are the salt of the earth.
       —Matthew 5:13

Reject the false notion that what you do in your little corner of the world doesn’t matter.

Our world is shaped by the highly publicized moves of the powerful and well-known; but also by the unpublicized moves of the powerless and unknown.

Who has had the most potent influence and made the greatest impact on your life? A parent? Grandparent? Teacher? Friend? More likely one of those than a president, legislator, or headliner.

You may never know whose life you touch, or when, or how. But your influence is spilling out of your life and into the lives of others.

The question is not what you would do if you had wealth, position, and power, but what you are doing with what you have where you are.

With every encounter you
leave a bit of yourself behind.

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