Guilty of What I Condemn

Five Days of Prayer – Day 4

You who pass judgment do the same things.
                          —Romans 2:1

Dear God,

I am often guilty of the flaws I find offensive in others …

I am judgmental of those who are judgmental.
I am intolerant of those who are intolerant.
I am opinionated about those who are opinionated.
I am critical of those who are critical.
I am impatient with those who are impatient.
I am unkind to those who are unkind.
I am unloving to those who are unloving.
I complain about those who complain.
I gossip about those who gossip.
I dislike people who dislike people.
I think I am better than those who think they are better than others.

Help me, Lord, to focus on self-inspection and self-correction; to be controlled by the Spirit in my attitude toward others.

In the name of him who sees my faults, and loves me anyway.

Cultivate your own garden.

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