This is Victory

Do not think of yourself
more highly than you ought.
        —Romans 12:3

When you rejoice in the accomplishments of those more gifted than you—this is victory.

When others have strengths where you have weaknesses and you cheer them on—this is victory.

When others are praised or promoted and you continue to work diligently without recognition—this is victory.

When others acquire prosperity that is beyond your reach and you are happy for them—this is victory.

When you are forgotten, neglected, or ignored and refrain from bitterness—this is victory.

When you respond to inconsiderateness with gentleness—this is victory.

When you are misunderstood, misquoted, or misjudged and refuse to retaliate—this is victory.

When you show respect for those who see things differently than you do—this is victory.

The greatest victory is victory over self.

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