The Rest of the Story

Momentary troubles are achieving for us
an eternal glory that far outweighs them all.
                      —2 Corinthians 4:17

Paul Harvey’s The Rest of the Story exhibited his genius for telling true stories that had bad beginnings but good endings.

Christians aren’t spared painful passages; most know what it is to travel roads cluttered with splintered guard rails and buckled bridges.

But …

These troubles and sufferings … won’t last very long … this short time of distress will result in God’s richest blessing upon us forever and ever! So we do not look at what we can see right now, the troubles all around us, but we look forward to the joys in heaven which we have not yet seen. The troubles will soon be over, but the joys to come will last forever (2 Cor. 4:17-18 TLB).

And now you know The Rest of the Story!

The picture isn’t finished
until the final brush stroke.

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