Priorities (2)

Her children arise and call her blessed.
                   —Proverbs 31:28

Irene was washing dishes and chatting with a neighborhood friend when her four-year-old son barged through the door with a picture in his hand. Tugging on her skirt, he pointed to the picture and started asking questions.

Irene broke off the conversation with her friend, dried her hands, sat down, lifted the tyke onto her lap, and spent a long time totally focused on him and his questions.

When he trotted out of the room she said to her friend, “I expect to be washing dishes the rest of my life, but I will never again have the chance to spend the time with my son that I just had.”

There is something immeasurably good about never being too busy to give undivided attention to those who are most important to you … even when you are too busy.

When you are too busy to exert either a positive or
negative influence, you just did the latter.

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