Priorities (3)

Martha was distracted by all the
preparations that had to be made.
                  —Luke 10:40

What are your priorities? This is where self-deception is the flavor of the day, so get clear-eyed honest.

Here’s the bottom line: the way you spend your time reveals your priorities.

And here’s an important question: do you map your priorities, or do you allow others to hijack your schedule? When someone makes demands that take over what you do and when you do it, they are controlling your life; you are living for their priorities, not yours.

The problem with caving in to the demands of others is that there is no “Off” switch, no last item on their to-do list; mark one entry off and two take its place.

Frantically running from one crisis to the next looks less like
serving the Messiah and more like trying to be one.

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