His Concern is Unquestionable

Is anything too hard for the Lord?
                  —Genesis 18:14

Jesus said “with God all things are possible.”

We accept it intellectually, but wrestle with it inwardly.

God can create the cosmos, but can he repair a home fractured by infidelity or boredom?
God can restore beauty to a landscape trashed by a hurricane, but can he rehabilitate a life devoured by an addiction?
God can control nature, but can he give peace to a tortured soul?

Our question is not can God do these things, but will he? We don’t doubt his power, but may question his willingness.

Some of our questions may never be resolved, but his concern is unquestionably displayed in Jesus, revealing a God who cares deeply about people: children, parents, rulers, harlots, fishermen, soldiers. Me. You.

You may have a question that can never be answered.
Jesus is an answer that can never be questioned.

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