Things Have Never Been the Same

The Word became flesh and
made his dwelling among us.
                —John 1:14

Remember Y2K?

Doomsday prognosticators freaked us out, screeching that at the stroke of midnight on December 31, 1999, computers that tracked our finances, archived our medical records, and ran the planet’s governments would crash. The world as we knew it was about to collapse into chaos.

Didn’t happen; midnight passed without a whimper.

Today’s news will dish up more of the same: issues that high-profile poohbahs trumpet as the world’s most pressing concerns.

Most of these—both the poohbahs and the problems—will soon be forgotten.

In the long haul the issues we think are earth-shaking usually aren’t.

But there is one that is.

God visited earth in flesh-and-blood and died to take away our sins. And the world has never been the same, thank God.

He came in our likeness
to make us into his likeness.

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