Little Things Mean a Lot

Be kind and compassionate to one another.
                      —Ephesians 4:32

Helen Keller wrote …

As we grow older, it seems to me that we recall most distinctly the happy little things … play and birthday parties, picnics and excursions to the chicken house in search of eggs are vividly remembered while presidential elections, great battles, and the find of earth’s poles fade into the abyss of time.

Great events are the cause of nations coming into existence and of their dissolution. They make interesting reading, but individuals are moved by the intimate contacts of life in small everyday happenings.

Perhaps, in the last analysis, it is only the little things that really count. The kindness to one another, the smiling face, the timely word of encouragement, the ready hand. Little things.

Wherever you are should be a
better place because you are there.

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