Getting and Giving

The love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.
                        —1 Timothy 6:10

From his London suite Robert Maxwell took the elevator to the roof, where he stepped into his helicopter that whisked him to his pad at the airport. His private jet then sped him to Gibraltar, where he boarded his yacht which swiftly took him out to sea.

Why was Maxwell in such a hurry to go to sea?

To commit suicide!

Paul Johnson, distinguished British historian, wrote: “As people who acquire riches quickly discover, once you are well-fed, clothed and housed, you have to either spend your money on ostentation—or save it. Either choice brings problems and worries.”

Is Johnson right? Are spending and saving the only options? How about giving?

Those who give, whether they have much or little, seem immune to the torment experienced by those that only spend and save.

Both Scripture and experience testify that
greater joy is found in giving than in getting.

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