That Would Be Hell

Each one should use
whatever gift he has received.
               —1 Peter 4:10

Rich Karlgaard is Publisher of FORBES magazine. Since FORBES is primarily a money periodical, Karlgaard’s Money and Meaning editorial probably caught most readers off guard.

“Money is nice,” he began … “But in the final analysis what makes us happy or regretful is not only money but if our lives have found purpose. Have we made a positive difference? Have we influenced people? Have we pursued our best talent?

“We insult our Creator when we don’t pursue what we were put on earth to do,” he wrote.

“We each come down life’s gumball chute with a backpack of unique talents. Imagine, then, facing the Creator at death and hearing the words: ‘I made you as this. You pursued that. What a squandering of potential.’”

“That,” says Rich, “would be hell.”

There’s a lot of talent
sitting on the sidelines.

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