Jesus, Always There

Christ Jesus … is at the right hand
of God and is also interceding for us.
                       —Romans 8:34

In the courtroom , jurors cringe when ghastly murder photos are presented.

The scene in Herod’s banquet hall was far worse—a grisly display of John the Baptist’s blood-splattered head on a platter in real time.

John … who passionately laid the groundwork for Jesus’ ministry. John … the one who said he was nothing and Jesus was everything. John … Jesus’ best friend.

As soon as Jesus heard the news of John’s death, he went off by himself to a remote area to be alone (Matt. 14:13). He needed solitary time to grieve.

But solitude was denied. People tailed him, ignoring his need while asking him to satisfy theirs. Moved with compassion, he responded to their requests.

He still does. Seated at God’s right hand, he is interceding for you all day every day.

All day every day he stands in for you,
up for you, and by you.

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