Thank You

Where are the other nine?
               —Luke 17:17

In its relatively short run, the host of the radio program Job Center of the Air helped more than 2500 people find jobs. Only ten of them called to say “Thank you.”

Jesus cured ten men of hideous, flesh-eating leprosy. Only one returned to say “Thank you.” “Were not all ten cleansed?” Jesus asked. “Where are the other nine?”

There’s a legend about two agents sent from heaven—one to collect requests, the other to collect thanks. The first returned with a basketful of requests; the second with only a fistful of thanks.

Maybe this starter prayer will get us on the right page:

Thank you Father for countless blessings—seen and unseen, known and unknown, recognized and unrecognized, acknowledged and unacknowledged.

Grant one more blessing—
a grateful heart.

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