When You Have to Wait

I will wait for the Lord …
I will put my trust in him.
        —Isaiah 8:17

Why do you always seem to get in the wrong checkout line?

Automated phone systems? Grrrr. A half-hour of key punches interspersed with promotional messages and elevator music as you rush toward the completion of your life cycle.

Then there’s the interval between prayer and its answer. Too long.

Why doesn’t God answer? Why doesn’t he act?

He does. When the time is right.

Until then you have to wait. Your vision is limited; his isn’t. You see a tiny slice of time; he sees from beginning to end.

Don’t get the fidgets when you have to wait. He will act and answer in his own way, at his own pace. And his timing is always right.

Sometimes he seems to walk slowly.
He has his reasons, so let him set the pace.

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