The Game Isn’t Over

In all things God works for
the good of those who love him.
       —Romans 8:28

You’re not happy about what’s going on are you? Me neither.

Sickness. Suffering. Sorrow. Craziness. Crime. Corruption.

Lots of bad things.

But God is the peerless artist that takes drab colors, mixes them with brighter hues, and transforms the canvas into a thing of beauty.

Our conception of good leans toward health, comfort, and prosperity.

God’s paints a fuller picture. His Son’s earthly life was a tangle of struggle, conflict, and death. But God took those travails and worked them into a mural of spectacular splendor: salvation and a home in glory.

Bad things roughing up your life? Hang in there. The game isn’t over, and you’re on the winning team.

Sometimes bad roads take us to good places.

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