What Word Describes You?

A good name is more
desirable than great riches.
        —Proverbs 22:1

Names given to Bible characters often carried a meaning that defined them . . .

Eve – “to breathe” or “to live”
Abraham – “father of many”
Ishmael – “God will hear”
Isaac – “he laughs”
Jesus – “the Lord saves”

Names still awaken impressions—good or bad . . .

Lincoln                 Jezebel
Hitler                    Clinton
Churchill              Mother Teresa

When the image of an individual crosses your mind, your view of their disposition comes with it . . .

Encourager           Whiner
Cheerful               Griper
Positive                Negative
Thoughtful           Self-centered
Generous              Selfish
Considerate          Rude
Reliable                Irresponsible

When people think of you what descriptive word comes to their mind?

It’s never too late to change.

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