You Are a Changemaker

Do not neglect your gift.
    —1 Timothy 4:14

We think of Changemakers as super-gifted and well-positioned—speakers, writers, singers, politicians, CEOs.

But for every Changemaker in the spotlight, there are a dozen in the shadows that don’t make speeches, draw crowds, sell books, or set policies.

You don’t have to have major talent to have major impact. Don’t have to have a big name to make a big difference. Don’t have to seem important to be important.

Don’t have to be well known to hear his well done.

When you arrive at the pearly gates, you may be greeted like this . . .

“There are some people here because of you. Some of them you know well, and they’re eager to see you. Some of them you don’t know at all—but your prayers and donations helped get them here, and they want to meet you.”

You’re doing more good than you know.

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