Grateful People Are Happy People

[Be] strengthened in the faith . . .
and overflowing with thankfulness.
                —Colossians 2:7

My physician says the “Greatest Generation” had almost no feeling of entitlement, but a huge sense of responsibility; and that today’s generation has a huge sense of entitlement, but almost no feeling of responsibility.

“My children,” said Clyde, “seem to feel the world owes them an easy life; that they are here to receive, not give.” Clyde loves his kids and happily does a lot for them. He says he wants just one thing from them: “I just want them to show gratitude. That’s all.”

Dennis Prager, syndicated radio host and author, says that “all happy people are grateful, and all ungrateful people are unhappy. We think that being unhappy causes people to be ungrateful,” he says, “but it’s more accurate to say that being ungrateful causes people to be unhappy.”

You can’t be ungrateful and happy at the same time.

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