Gone but Not Forgotten

Generations come and generations go.
—Ecclesiastes 1:4

Today’s obituaries will be largely forgotten before the week is over. But not by those who deeply loved one of the dear departed.

A glance at a shelf across the room reveals adored faces, lovingly framed.

There’s your dad. You remember his smile, his smell, his gait, his voice . . . his goodness and his love.

There’s your mom. You remember how she did her hair, her kitchen flair, her sunup-to-sundown work for the family she loved more than life. She will never be forgotten as long as you inhabit the planet.

And there are other frames and faces in other places.

Your picture will one day occupy its special spot; and you will be fondly remembered by those who loved you dearly.

As Moffatt’s fine line has it: “Death is never the last word in the life of a righteous person.”

Be remembered for what you were,
not for what you did.

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