I’m Blessed

Blessed is the man who trusts in the Lord.
                          —Jeremiah 17:7

“How are you?”
“I’m fine.”

A common exchange.

I prefer the response of my friend . . .

“How are you?’
“I’m blessed.”

It isn’t a glib response; it’s an acknowledgment of him from whom all blessings flow.

I’m blessed. Not blameless. Not faultless. Not sinless. Nevertheless, blessed.

If we must be blameless, faultless, or sinless to be blessed, we’ll never be blessed, for we are never blameless, faultless, or sinless. We know that.

But we don’t have to be worthy to be blessed. We only have to acknowledge our dependence and our need.

And God will answer. Will help. Will bless.

We don’t need to know how, we only need to know him. To know him is to trust him. And to trust him is to know that he will bless in the way that’s best.

Count your blessings, of which everyone has many,
not your adversities, of which everyone has some.

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