Remember Me

Remember me when you come into your kingdom.
                                —Luke 23:42

Eat the bread. Drink the wine. “In remembrance of me.”

In our worship, when we hit the pause-the-noise button and sit a few moments in silent remembrance of him, we probably can do no better than to repeatedly hear him say, “Think about me. Remember me.” Something happens in those silent minutes that is more meaningful than anything else that happens in that hour.

The thief on the cross petitioned, “Jesus, remember me when you come into your kingdom.” And Jesus said he would. That crook sensed there was something about Jesus that was compassionate, caring, kind, and salvific.

We too know that he will treat us better than we deserve. So we whisper, “Lord Jesus, remember me.” He will.

And he rejoins, “Remember me.”

Remember him who never forgets you.

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