And Then What?

Man is destined to die once,
and after that to face judgment.
         —Hebrews 9:27

According to a well-worn story, when William Gladstone was prime minister of Great Britain, a young man approached him for advice. Gladstone asked him what his immediate plans were.

“I’m going to complete my studies at Oxford,” he said.

“And then what?” asked the prime minister.

“I hope to study law and become a successful barrister.”

“And then what?”

“I plan to be elected to Parliament.”

“And then what?”

“I want to get your job one day and become prime minister.”

“And then what?”

“I guess I will retire.”

“And then what?”

“Well, I suppose I will one day die.”

“That you will, young man, that you will. And then what?”

Give the most attention
to what matters most.

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