Embrace His Presence

Jesus himself came up and
walked along with them.
         —Luke 24:15

The two downcast disciples didn’t recognize Jesus when he joined them on their trek to Emmaus.

Maybe it was because they didn’t expect to see him. After all, he was dead; crucified last Friday.

Jesus travels with us on our journey through life, but sometimes—especially in trying times—we don’t recognize his presence. Could it be because we aren’t expecting his companionship?

Once upon a time, he was here. But that’s first-century history. What about the present; the now?

Life is difficult. We have a job to go to; a family to take care of; bills to pay. With so many things demanding our attention Jesus can become a Sunday thought—if even that—instead of a daily-walk thought.

He is here, walking beside you. Embrace his presence.

He has already been down this road.
Let him walk it with you.

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