She came up behind him . . .
and touched his cloak.
      —Mark 5:27

Jesus was moving through the crowd on the heels of a father whose daughter was dying.

Suddenly he stopped! “Who touched my clothes?” he asked.

A woman whose dozen-year illness had the doctors stumped, had reached out a trembling hand: “If . . .” she thought, “If I can just touch his clothes, I will be healed.”

He turned the distraction into an opportunity to praise her faith, heal her body, and send her on her way in peace.

Jesus’ days were often stalled by interruptions . . . when he was traveling, sleeping, teaching, and praying (Mk 10:46-47; Mk 4:38; Jn 8:1-5; Mk 1:35-37).

He always took disruptions as an opportunity to teach, heal, and help.

Your schedule may be derailed by an interruption today. Will you see it as an inconvenient intrusion, or as a providential privilege?

An interruption may be God’s way of putting
you in touch with what he most wants you to do.

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