Sisters and Brothers! A Gift from God

As for the saints . . . they are the
glorious ones in whom is all my delight.
                    —Psalm 16:3

Today’s newspaper serves up an overdose of hype for bigwig politicians . . . with whom I have no hankering to hang out.

I enjoy watching sports, but have no desire to hobnob with jocks that get buckets of bucks for their flair on gridiron, diamond, or hardwood; nor any wish for their autographs.

I appreciate talent, but can’t think of a single star of stage or cinema that I am yearning to meet.

The big enchiladas don’t light my fire.

It’s brothers and sisters in Christ that spark my spirit. I wouldn’t swap my perch on your pew for a front-row seat at the Oscars.

There are miracles on every pew.

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