Hope for the Hopeless

Don’t be afraid; just believe.
                —Mark 5:36

Mark 5 reports three miracles that reveal Jesus as hope for the hopeless.

They involved a demoniac who was hopelessly insane, a woman who was hopelessly ill, and a father who was hopelessly heartbroken.

Neighbors were unable to restrain the demoniac (vv. 3, 4); doctors unable to cure the woman (v. 26); and friends unable to console the father of a dead daughter (v. 35).

Jesus turned tragedy into triumph.

He restored the demoniac to his right mind; healed the suffering woman; and revived the father’s daughter.

What a Savior we have! A Master not only of power but also of pity. A Lord of compassion, care, and concern

His compassion makes
your misery his own.

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