The Danger of Delay (1)

I will follow you wherever you go.
                      —Luke 9:57

“Follow me,” Jesus said to two fellows.

The first agreed—but wanted to wait until his father’s death (Lk 9:59).

The second said, “Yes, Lord, I will come, but first let me ask permission of those at home” (Lk 9: 61 TLB).

The first wanted to wait until daddy died and he had banked his inheritance.

The second wanted to run it past his family and be sure they were okay with it.”

Both said, “Count me in—later.”

If, as some commentators believe, this encounter was contemporary with Jesus’ stop in Jericho just before his final trek to Jerusalem, it was only a week away from his crucifixion. Any delay in following him would likely eliminate following him altogether.

Delayed intentions are at the
mercy of precarious timing.

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