Jesus: Helper of All

Don’t be afraid; just believe.
            —Luke 8:50

One was a well-known man with a dying daughter; the other an unknown woman with an incurable illness.

He (Jairus) was an important synagogue official; she (name unknown) was an anonymous nobody.

He was about to lose a daughter that had given him twelve years of happiness; she was about to lose an affliction that had given her twelve years of misery.

He was wealthy, but his wealth could not save his daughter; she was bankrupt, having spent all her money on healers who couldn’t heal.

Both found the answer to their need in Jesus. He gave the father back his daughter; he gave the woman back her health.

No two stories are the same. Circumstances differ from person to person. But whatever your story, whatever your circumstance, Jesus is the answer.

Make Jesus your first recourse,
not your last resort.

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